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Racing Game Seat

For many gaming can be done literally form everywhere. Quite possible probably, but not when it comes to video game racing. And namely racing simulations. Not some arcade nonsense that can be preformed with a standard controller from the sofa. Or even laying on it.

No, racing simulation is a very serious type of gaming and must be approached the right way. Not only with a steering wheel but with a decent driving simulator to support it. And not only the wheel but the whole body of the gamer. Doesn't matter your console or a PC. PlayStation3, Xbox360, even Wii. They all have their fantastic and unique racing titles. Gran Turismo, Forza, Need For Speed, F1 2009. Great games but without a wheel they are simple. Well simple.Gaming Seat

Driving seat simulator and namely a racing seat simulator is the only way. The way of real racing simulations. Body is in perfect driving position with nothing distracting the gamer from their pole position lap. Decent back and shoulders support plus sliding rails for extra adjustments. Wheel and pedals platforms able to reach any person size. This is what cockpit gaming seats like OpenWheeler racing car simulator provide. There are of course more like Game Racer and Play Seat, but not on this price and quality.

 Little did you racing car game fans realize about the actual power of your best-loved car driving games. In case you have not used an authentic car driving simulator seat like OpenWheeler, inadequate your real racing practice is up till now. The OpenWheeler car racing seat costs $400 dollars (USA, Canada) or £270 pounds (UK, Europe).